By James Woodruff-Doerksen, Fitness Consultant

The new Core Performance Zone (CPZ) at the Audley Recreation Centre offers distinct benefits over traditional free weights and machines.

One of the simplest exercises that affects everyday tasks is the Farmer’s Walk. The Farmer’s Walk is any exercise which involves carrying weight for distance. Think of carrying the groceries in from the car, moving your furniture around the house or shoveling snow; all of these activities involve lifting and carrying various objects. At the CPZ we have many implements that can be used for Farmer’s Walks including kettle bells, tires, and medicine balls. The Farmer’s Walk is an excellent exercise for developing full body strength, core stability and balance. One of our highly knowledgeable Fitness Consultants can assist you in learning this movement skill.

Another piece of equipment that is unique to the CPZ is the Prowler Sled. The sled is plate loaded to suit to your needs and can be used for either strength or cardiovascular training, making it a versatile piece of equipment that is easy to use. Similar to the Farmer’s Walk, the Prowler Sled push/pull is a low impact exercise that will challenge your core stability and balance.

The best thing about these exercises are that they can be scaled to any age and fitness level and do not require a great deal of coordination to preform, while having a tremendously positive impact on daily activities.

If you have any questions about how to perform the Farmer’s Walk or sled push/ pull, please speak with one of our Fitness Consultants.

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