Climate Adaptation

Durham Community Climate Adaptation Plan

The Durham Community Climate Adaptation Plan (DCCAP) is Durham's plan to prepare our community for climate change and extreme weather. Over 60 industry experts took part in identifying the local risks and consequences of our changing climate and developing solutions that will make our community resilient.

To learn more about climate change and mitigation plans, visit the Region's 'Adapting to Climate Change in Durham Region' web page. 

Ajax Climate Study

In October 2017, the Town of Ajax was granted $175,000 (the maximum amount) under the Federation of Canadian Municipalities- Climate Innovation Program, towards the development of a Community Climate Adaptation Study. 

The purpose of the Ajax Community Climate Study is to generate a model to assist in identifying, analyzing, evaluating and ultimately managing climate change based risks. This work will be achieved through the creation of a GIS model of Ajax, coupled with climate data layers, resulting in the ability to complete a visual tool and detailed analyses as to how Ajax will be impacted by the three main climate change stressors (severe weather, temperature and precipitation).

Ajax Community Climate Adaptation Plan

Ajax’s Community Climate Adaptation Plan is set to be completed in early 2019 and will identify and prioritize the specific actions that need to be completed in order to ensure that Ajax can adapt to climate change and continue to function when faced with more events of extreme weather. 
 Climate Mitigation and Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Partners for Climate Protection

In 2011, the Town of Ajax joined the network of Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) led by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) as part of ICLEI's Cities for Climate Protection (CCP) network; which involves more than 1,100 communities worldwide. As a member, Ajax has committed to take action against climate change by completing a five milestone framework for reducing green house gas emissions.

Milestone 1: Creating a greenhouse gas emissions inventory and forecast 

Milestone 2: Setting an emissions reductions target

Milestone 3: Developing a local action plan

  • The local action plans describes actions that enable Ajax to meet the greenhouse gas reduction targets both the community and corporate local action plans are included as a component of the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan.

Milestone 4:  Implementing the local action plan or a set of activities

Milestone 5:  Monitoring progress and reporting results

As of September 2017, the Town of Ajax has reached and achieved Milestone 5 for both the community and corporate categories.

For more information regarding the PCP program visit the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Partners for Climate Change web page

 Energy Conservation

Corporate Energy Conservation Demand Management Plan

The Corporate Energy Conservation & Demand Management Plan has been formed to help Ajax have a better understanding and be able to manage our consumption of energy. It also ensures that the Town meets the requirements under Ontario Regulation 397/111 (Green Energy Act, 2009).

Durham Community Energy Plan

The Durham Community Energy Plan (DCEP) is focused on transitioning Durham Region to a clean energy economy that has both economic and social benefits. During the creation of this plan, there is an engagement process with stakeholders, the preparation of a baseline energy and emissions inventory then the final analysis and modelling.