The urban forest is made up of all the trees that grow in Ajax: the trees in your backyard, the ones that line roadways and those found in public parks and woodlots. Trees provide important environmental, social and economic benefits. These benefits include cleaning the air we breathe, helping us fight climate change and beautifying our community.

Tree Education 

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Tree Maintenance

Pruning & Removals

Tree pruning is an important practice for managing trees in an urban setting, it can help promote healthy plant growth, maintain the tree's structure, promote good visibility and prevent conflicts with the built environment.

The Town is responsible for pruning trees located only on Town-owned property and conducts inspections on a routine basis to determine if pruning needs to take place.

Individual requests can also be made by contacting the Ajax Operation Centre. A representative from the Forestry Department will assess the tree and determine if maintenance is required. Residents of the property adjacent to the tree and the person that submitted the request will be notified if any work will be scheduled to take place.

*Please note: Trees located within 3m (10ft.) of energized utility lines that require pruning can only be completed by the local utility company Veridian Connections , for concerns regarding trees near power lines please contact Kevin Philp at Veridian by phone at 1-888-445-2881, extension 3264.

Street Pruning

Town-owned trees located on boulevards and parks undergo pruning on a 6-8 year cycle. This is to help maintain the tree's structure, maintain good visibility and prevent conflicts with the built environment.  This work is completed by a professional urban forestry company under the direction of the Town of Ajax. The completion of the work is carried out in the winter months (October-March).


Presently, Town-owned woodlots without designated trails/paths do not undergo pruning, however individual concerns can be forwarded to the Ajax Operations Centre. A representative from the Forestry Department will then assess the tree(s) and determine if maintenance is required.


The Town will only remove trees that are on Town property and in poor condition or are a hazard to the surrounding area. Residents within close proximity of the removed tree will be notified 48 hours prior to the start of any work.

Individual concerns can be forwarded to the Ajax Operations Centre. A representative from the Forestry Department will then assess the tree(s) and determine if maintenance is required.

Emerald Ash Borer

The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) beetle is a non-native invasive insect, it attacks and kills most varieties of ash trees (white and green ash). EAB is confirmed in the Town of Ajax. Adult EAB beetles lay their eggs on ash trees in the summer. When the eggs hatch into larvae, they tunnel under the tree's bark to feed. The tunnels prevent the flow of water and nutrients, causing the tree to die.

How does EAB impact the Urban Forest in Ajax?

In 2012, Ash trees made up approximately 7% of the town's urban forest, on both private and public property. These ash trees are expected to be impacted or killed by EAB over the next 10- 15 years.

What is the Town of Ajax doing about EAB?

The Town is currently implementing its EAB Management Strategy, which aims to reduce the significant aesthetic, environmental and financial impacts of the EAB. This is being done through a combination of monitoring, treatment, ash tree removal and replacement, and public education.

For more information regarding the Emerald Ash Borer please download the EAB FAQ.
Tree Plans and Policies
Urban Forest Management Plan

The urban forest is made up of all the trees that grow in a city: the trees in your backyard, the ones that line roadways and those found in public parks and wilderness areas. 

Trees provide environmental, social, recreational, and human benefits and recognizing the value of Ajax's urban forest is the first step in managing and protecting it. In 2023, the Town completed an Urban Forest Study to assess the distribution, structure, and function of Ajax's urban forest. The study will inform the comprehensive update to the 2010 Urban Forest Management Plan.

Tree By-Laws
The Town of Ajax strives to maintain and protect its urban forest canopy to ensure trees can continue to provide social, economic and environment benefits. In order to assist with the protection two By-Laws are currently these consist of:

Tree Protection By-Law- BY-LAW NUMBER 137-2006

The purpose of this By-Law outlines policies that prohibit the damage or destruction of trees without a permit for trees located within

  • Parks
  • Greenbelt Land
  • Environmental Protection Land

The by-law also outlines the compensatory process should a Removal Permit be granted.

For more information please review By-Law Number 137-2006.

Boulevard Tree Protection By-law- BY-LAW NUMBER 138-2006

The purpose of this By-Law is to help protect trees planted on boulevards from unnecessary damage and destructions, and outlines the permit and protection process which must be undertaken prior to any work being completed within the vicinity of the tree.

For more information please review By-Law Number 138-2006.
Tree Planting
Boulevard and Parks Planting 

If you know of a boulevard location that would benefit from a tree, a request can be made by contacting the Ajax Operations Centre 905-683-2951 or email A representative from the Forestry Department will investigate and determine if the location and conditions are suitable for a tree. If successful, you will be notified, and the request will be added to the next available planting season. 

Community Tree Planting

Each Spring and Fall, the Town hosts community planting events to help increase Ajax's tree canopy.

Want to help? Visit the Community Event calendar and subscribe to Environmental event updates. This will allow you to be the first to know when the next Tree Plants are taking place!

Private Property Planting

Tree can provide a wide range of benefits to your property. If you are looking to plant trees on your property, check out the programs offered to Ajax residents to assist with helping you green your grounds!

LEAF Backyard Planting

Local Enhancement & Appreciation of Forests (LEAF*), is a non-for-profit organization helping to protect and improve Ajax's urban forest through the delivery of a subsidized Backyard Tree Planting Program in partnership with the Town of Ajax and Ontario Power Generation.

Full Service Backyard Tree Planting Program

Residential and commercial property owners in Ajax looking to plant trees on their property can receive expert tips and help for getting the right tree in the right location at a subsidized rate ranging from $150-220 per tree.

For a limited time and while supplies last, Ajax residents can receive an additional $150 rebate when they plant a LEAF tree on their property. Limit of one rebate per property per year. First come, first served. This offer applies to single family homes, multi-units and businesses. 

Ajax residents participating in the Full Service Backyard Planting Program will receive:

  • An site consultation in your yard with an arborist,
  • A five to eight foot tall tree (two to four feet for evergreens),
  • Delivery and planting service.  

The full value of the service is about $500 per tree and the difference is paid by the program's funding partners.

There is also a Do-It-Yourself version of the program, a Multi-Unit and Businesses Subsidized Planting program and native shrubs and garden kits are also available. Visit the LEAF website for details and to participate!

Forests Ontario 5 Million Trees Durham
The Town of Ajax is supporting the Region of Durham's goal to plant 5 million trees as part of their climate action plan. Working with our Partner Forests Ontario, private and public landowners in Ajax who meet eligibility criteria could receive tree planting subsidies for greening their property.

View Forests Ontario website.

Tree and Bench Dedication Program

The Town of Ajax Tree Dedication Program is a wonderful way of honouring a loved one. Open to all residents, the dedication program allows loved ones to be dedicated in any park or parkland across the Town of Ajax.

Your gift of a dedication will take its place within natural surroundings, making a contribution to the beauty of the parkland, providing a rest and gathering place for families to gather and enjoy the natural environment.

While a request may be made at any time throughout the year, dedications are only done twice a year, in late spring and in the fall. Prices for dedications are as follows:

  • Tree Dedication - $383.97 including HST

To request a dedication please fill out the Dedication Brochure which includes an application form.

For inquiries on the Town of Ajax Tree Dedication Program, please contact 905-683-2951 or email