Financial benefits will boost the Town’s COVID-19 recovery

A significant development is underway in the Town of Ajax. Located on 129 acres of prestige employment lands at the corner of Rossland and Salem Roads, the planned GTA East Industrial Park by Blackwood Development will consist of four buildings, representing 1.9 million square-feet of space and an estimated construction value of $313 million. The Town expects to collect approximately $2.1 million in permit fees and $15.7 million in development charges over the course of construction, followed by an estimated $920,600 in property taxes annually when all four buildings are complete.

Amazon fulfillment center set to anchor GTA East Industrial Park

The recently announced one million square-foot Amazon fulfillment centre, which will be completed by fall 2021, will anchor the GTA East Industrial Park. The construction value of the fulfillment centre is $210 million, representing two-thirds of the overall project costs for the Park.

The Amazon building alone will bring $1.3 million in permit fees and $9.3 million in development charges for the Town. The large influx in development charges will have an immediate impact, covering an anticipated $9.3 million shortfall in the Development Charges Reserve fund. The development charges removes the pressure on the Town’s tax base and eliminates the need for internal borrowing.


"Ajax Council extends a warm welcome to Amazon, and we are looking forward to announcing the full suite of GTA East Industrial Park tenants soon. Thanks to the vision of Council to pre-service this land and our PriorityPath Prime program, Amazon's Ajax fulfillment centre will be up and running in the fall of 2021. This expedited timeline ensures that Amazon and all supporting businesses will be reaping the benefits of their newest facility as quickly as their construction team can build it, and that the Town enjoys collection of property taxes and development charges sooner. It's truly a win-win for business."

- Mayor Shaun Collier, Town of Ajax

Quick Facts

GTA East Industrial Park

  • Phase 1 – (North)
    • Building A – Amazon
      • Gross Floor Area: 92,903 sq.m.
      • Value: $210M
      • Permit Fees: $1.3M
      • Development Charges: $9.3M
      • Property Taxes: $478,300
      • To be completed by Fall 2021
  • Phase 2 – (South)
    • Building B – Unknown
      • Gross Floor Area: 38,954 sq.m.
      • Estimated Value - $47M
      • Estimated Permit Fees - $351K
      • Estimated Development Charges - $3M
      • Estimated Property Taxes: $200,500
      • Timing: TBD
    • Building C – Unknown
      • Gross Floor Area: 17,634 sq.m.
      • Estimated Value: $21M
      • Estimated Permit Fees: $159K
      • Estimated Development Charges: $1.3M
      • Estimated Property Taxes $90,800
      • Timing: TBD
    • Building D – Unknown
      • Gross Floor Area: 29,344 sq.m.
      • Estimated Value: $35M
      • Estimated Permit - $264K
      • Estimated Development Charges: $2.1M
      • Estimated Property Taxes: $151,000
      • Timing: TBD

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