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To help create a more sustainable and resilient Ajax, the Town is developing the Green Development and Environmental Design Guidelines (GDEDG), including applicant guidebook and checklist tool.

How will the guidelines work?

  • The guidelines provide sustainability-related design best practices and performance measures for new development and redevelopment within the Town of Ajax.
  • The guidelines are designed to assist the Town in evaluating development applications through the lens of sustainability and climate change mitigation and adaptation.
  • All new Site Plan and/or Draft Plan of Subdivision Applications submitted to the Town will be required to review the guidelines, applicant guidebook and complete the checklist.

Get involved on IMO -

  • Watch the recorded presentation of the Green Development and Environmental Design Guidelines.
  • Review the draft Green Development and Environmental Design Guidelines (GDEDG), including the applicant guidebook and checklist tool.
  • Provide feedback via online form or call 905-619-2529, ext. 3229 and leave your comments via voicemail message. Please state your full name, address, phone number, and an e-mail address in your message.
  • Feedback is accepted until January 31, 2022, all feedback received will be reviewed and incorporated in to the final guidelines as appropriate.


“Ajax continues to be a leader in environmental sustainability. In 2019, Ajax Council declared a climate emergency and identified the GDEDG as an implementation priority in the Ajax Climate Risk & Resiliency Plan, as well as a priority in the 2018 - 2022 Strategic Plan – Stronger Together. These guidelines are an important step in promoting sustainable development by establishing project design standards and sustainability performance measures, and are vital in addressing the climate change emergency by substantially reducing GHG emissions in Ajax. I am pleased that we have made great headway and are currently in phase two with phase three anticipated to be completed in 2022. I encourage you to learn more about this project and share your feedback with us to help us establish the final guidelines. All information is conveniently packaged on our IMO Hub at” – Mayor Shaun Collier

Quick Facts 

  • The GDEDG is a municipal green standard rooted in existing best practices, common strategies, and progressive standards and regulations to promote sustainable site and building design.
  • All new Site Plan and/or Draft Plan of Subdivision Applications submitted to the Town are required to complete the GDEDG Checklist as part of the application. Renovation and expansions to existing buildings are not required to meet the GDEDG requirements but are encouraged to implement relevant sections of the GDEDG where possible.
  • The GDEDG is being completed in three stages: background research and analysis, consultation and final guidelines.
  • Ajax is currently in phase two – review draft GDEDG (consultation).
  • The final guidelines are expected to be before Council for approval in April 2022.

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