Note: Information included on this page has been sourced from the Town of Ajax Zoning By-law, the Road Occupancy/Road Closure By-law, and a resolution made by Town Council at a Special Meeting held on August 31, 2021.

The Town has policies in place for driveway widening and curb cuts to give property owners some flexibility when altering their properties. However, residents who alter their driveways without adhering to the Town's by-laws are subject to a fine and may be required to restore their driveway to its original or approved condition. It is recommended that residents talk to Town staff about driveway widening before beginning any work.

For information about driveway widening contact:

Planning Services
65 Harwood Ave. S. Ajax, ON
905-619-2529 x3631

A Resident Guide to Driveway Widening & Curb Cuts

Driveway and Apron Widening

Residential driveways are made up of two parts (see Figure 1). Ajax Residents are permitted to expand their driveways (the portion located on private property) to the maximum width permitted under the Zoning By-Law without any application or payment to the Town.

Maximum Driveway Width by Residential Zone












7.8 m**

6.1 m**

5.6 m**

5.6 m**

5.2 m**

5.2 m**

5.2 m**

3.0 m**

3.0 m**

*There is no maximum driveway width but driveways and/or parking areas shall not occupy more than 30% of the area of the front yard or more than 10% of the aggregate area of the rear and side yards of any lot.

**A driveway-adjacent walkway is permitted. See the Driveway-Adjacent Walkways section of this page for more information.

Driveway aprons (the portion located on the Town-owned boulevard lands) may also be expanded to the maximum width permitted under the Zoning By-Law, subject to meeting the following setbacks:

  • 1.0 m from a municipal tree that has a diameter at breast height (DBH) less than 20 cm, or 2.0 m from a municipal tree with a DBH greater than or equal to 20 cm;
  • 1.0 m from any utility equipment/service, stop sign or yield sign;
  • 1.0 m from the edge of a transit stop’s concrete pad, or 3.0 m from a transit stop without a concrete pad; and
  • 3.0 m from a fire hydrant.

Residential properties are limited to having a single driveway access, except in the Country Residential (CR) Zone, where two driveway accesses may be permitted if all other requirements are met.

Driveway widths exceeding the maximum listed in the Zoning By-Law can be considered via a Minor Variance application (Note: Variances to Maximum Apron Width will not be considered). The Town also permits the construction of walkways at-grade alongside driveways, which was previously not permitted (see Driveway-Adjacent Walkways section of this page for more information).

Figure 1: Yard Infographic

Yard infographic

Driveway-Adjacent Walkways 

Residents are now permitted to construct “Driveway-Adjacent Walkways” (see Figure 2) along both sides of their driveways without any application or payment to the Town, provided they meet all applicable requirements.

These walkways are permitted to run along the entire length of the driveway through both private property and the Town-owned boulevard lands. Walkways on the side of the driveway closest to the main entrance of the house can be up to 1.8 metres in width, while walkways on the opposite side of the driveway can be up to 0.6 metres in width.

Where a driveway-adjacent walkway extends through the Town-owned boulevard lands, it must meet all required setbacks as listed in the Driveway and Apron Widening section of this page.

Driveway-adjacent walkways on the Town-owned boulevard lands must also:

  • Not include any excavation more than 0.3 m below ground level;
  • Be constructed of interlocking pavers, concrete or asphalt; and
  • Not include any raised curbs or other features raised above ground level.

On private property, where a driveway-adjacent walkway adjoins another walkway or area of at-grade hard landscaping, the connection point between the two surfaces cannot exceed 1.5 m (see Figure 3).

Figure 2: Driveway-Adjacent Walkways

Driveway-Adjacent Walkways


Figure 3: Connection Requirements

Connection Requirements

Curb Cuts

Residents looking to widen the depressed portion of their curb can submit a Curb Cut Application to the Town. All curb cut applications must be supported by a Curb Cut Concept Drawing (see Figure 4) that visually demonstrates all aspects of the proposal.

Curb cuts will be considered up to the maximum width permitted under the Zoning By-Law. Only the Town and contractors hired by the Town are permitted to cut the curb.

Applications are reviewed by Planning, Transportation and Engineering Services. This process takes 10 business days for review, but incomplete applications may take longer. Approved curb cut applications will require additional time (typically 10-15 business days) for work to commence by Operations and Environmental Services and their contractor(s).

Figure 4: Curb Cuts

Curb Cut Application - Sample Concept Drawing


Did you know that driver's can receive a ticket for parking/stopping over a sidewalk or pedestrian path of travel? Fines range from $45-$60. Parking over a sidewalk creates a physical barrier for people who may be visually impaired, use a mobility device, or who may be pushing a stroller or pulling a wagon. When vehicles are parked, blocking sidewalk access, pedestrians may have to manuever around the vehicle, by moving onto the road to pass, which is very unsafe and inconvenient. When visiting friends and family, or parking at your own residence, remember to do your part and #RespectTheSpace in our community to avoid creating barriers and help to maintain access for all!  

Learn more on the Town's #RespectTheSpace page.

Zoning Maps
To review the zoning by-law and zoning maps please click here.

For more information about driveway widening contact:

Planning Services
65 Harwood Ave. S. Ajax, ON
905-619-2529, ext. 3631