Interim Tax Bills are issued in January and are based on 50% of the previous year's annualized taxes. Instalments are due at the end of February and April.

Final Residential Tax Bills are mailed in May and are based on new tax rates set by council, and updated annual assessments provided by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC). Due dates are the end of June and September.

Final Non-Residential Tax Bills are mailed in June with instalment due dates for the end of July and September.

Calculate your taxes

There are two parts to property taxes:

  1. Your home's assessed value as determined by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC);
  2. The total tax rate

Assessment x tax rate = property taxes

For example, if your home was assessed at $493,000, your tax bill would be:

$493,000 x 1.261817% = $6,220.76

Use our Property Tax Calculator to estimate your annual taxes.

How tax rates are determined

  • The Province decides how much must be raised for education through property taxes
  • Durham Regional Council decides how much must be raised to pay for the services it provides
  • Ajax Council decides how much is needed to pay for local municipal services
  • A series of tax rates are set for various types of property (residential, commercial, etc.)
  • The tax rate is applied to the current year's assessed value of the property to calculate the final tax bill

How taxes are divided

  • 32.5% to the Town of Ajax to pay for all local municipal services such as road maintenance, parks, recreation and culture, libraries, fire, planning, etc;
  • 54.5% to the Region of Durham to pay for regional services such as police, ambulance, recycling, road maintenance, waste collection, transit, etc;
  • 13% to the Province of Ontario specifically for education.

The region and province each set their own budgets, while Ajax council sets the local municipal budget. The totals are combined to calculate your tax bill.

How taxes are spent in Ajax

The 2024 operating budget forms the spending needs for the Town of Ajax.

  • Planning and Development - 3%
  • Library - 8%
  • Recreation and Culture - 17%
  • Fire and Emergency Services - 23%
  • Corporate - 24%
  • Operations and Environmental Services - 25%

Can I claim property taxes on my Income Tax?

Yes. The Final Tax Bill issued each year is your receipt for Income Tax purposes. The total amount billed for the year is in bold numbers about half way down the bill.

Why did the tax rates go up?

Schedule 2 on the back of your Final Tax Bill explains the change in your taxes from last year to this year. The Local Municipal Levy Change is the increase for the services the Town will continue to provide. Upper Tier Municipal Levy Change is due to the Region of Durham budget increase. Tax Change Due to Reassessment is based on whether your property value increased or decreased more than the average property in Ajax.

Supplementary tax bills

The Assessment Act allows a municipality to issue a supplementary tax bill for new buildings, new homes, alterations, improvements or class changes. Supplementary assessments can be added for the current year and up to two previous years.

Supplementary bills will be payable in two instalments only; therefore new owners are advised to plan in advance for the eventual payment of these taxes.