Welcome to Ajax, Ontario

In the heart of Durham Region, the Town of Ajax is a progressive, diverse and vibrant, waterfront community.

Ajax is a unique place where people, nature and history connect and Ajax Council and staff welcome you to experience all that we have to offer!

Ajax is home to one of the fastest growing populations in the eastern Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

With over 65 languages spoken, we are also one of the most diverse.

The Town has embraced a position of total inclusion for all. We demonstrate our commitment to inclusion every day as a Sanctuary City, PRIDE partner, and as proud #AjaxforAll advocates.

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Our natural environment is important to everyone in Ajax. As 100% of our drinking water comes from Lake Ontario, we understand that protecting this precious resource is a responsibility we all share.

We are a proud Great Lakes community, boasting an environment-first philosophy. We highly value our unique ‘waterfront gem' – a 70-hectare, 7 km stretch of publicly owned and maintained lands with nods to our history set against stunning views of Lake Ontario. An additional 400 hectares of open space, parks, playgrounds, trails and conservation areas throughout Ajax offer a perfect escape to nature.

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The history of Ajax dates back to 1941 during World War II, when the largest defence industry in North America, Defence Industries Limited (DIL), located in the area to provide supplies for the Allies in the war. Thousands of workers and their families settled in the immediate area, and a community was born. The name “Ajax” was chosen in honour of one of the three ships that in 1939 had engaged and routed the German battleship Graf Spee at the Battle of the River Plate near Uruguay.

Today, this unique history lives on in many forms. All around Ajax, you’ll find reminders of the Town’s early beginnings – historic sites and landmarks, each with unique stories of times long ago. Each new street of the Town is named in honour of the officers and crew that served on the Ajax, Exeter and Achilles ships. Trees are planted on these streets when a veteran or family member visits.

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Looking to the Future

The Town enjoys a well-deserved reputation for progressive thinking.

We are redeveloping our downtown – including a beautiful new civic space at Pat Bayly Square. Learn more about the New Downtown Ajax.

Ajax Council and staff welcome you to experience all that Ajax has to offer!