The Town of Ajax offers a variety accessible programs and services within its departments:

 Ajax Public Library Accessibility Services
 Operations and Environmental Services
  • Snow Removal Assistance Program for seniors and qualified residents
  • Beach Access Mat (installed at Paradise Park during summer weekends; weather dependent)
 Planning and Building Services
 Recreation, Culture and Community Development Inclusion Services
Ajax Town Hall Beacon Navigation System with BlindSquare Event App

People who are blind or visually impaired can now navigate Town Hall independently. In partnership with CNIB Frontier Accessibility, Town Hall has been equipped with beacons and QR codes. When paired with the free BlindSquare App, beacons provide directions just like a GPS, for the interior space. There are seven beacons in the building, sharing information like the locations of bathrooms, doors, and the name and titles of people’s offices.

BlindSquare is an accessible indoor navigation system that uses physical beacons and GPS data to deliver audio instructions to Apple smartphones within the Town Hall facility. The BlindSquare EVENT app, which is available for free on the Apple App Store, communicates  points of interest and provides directions for navigation throughout the indoor environment.

In partnership with BlindSquare, CNIB has brought this accessible technology to countless new places across the country. From community parks to college campuses to government offices and more, BlindSquare’s accessible navigation technology has been integral in helping to break down barriers to inclusion.

 Accessible Pedestrian Crossings

Accessible pedestrian signals (APS) use sounds and vibrations to help communicate intersection signals if you are affected by any form of visual or hearing impairment. 

APS are linked to "walk/don't walk" lights. Two sounds are used to point out the direction of traffic and which light is on:

  • cuckoo sound tells you when the walk symbol is on and you have right-of-way going north or south.
  • Canadian melody sound tells you when you have right-of-way going east or west.

pedestrian clearing tone and the "don't walk" light is turned on after these sounds end.

 Locations with APS in Ajax
  • Bayly Street and Harwood Avenue
  • Bayly Street and Kitney Drive
  • Bayly Street and Monarch Avenue
  • Harwood Avenue and Hunt Street
  • Harwood Avenue and Falby Court
  • Harwood Avenue and Station Street/Achilles Road
  • Harwood Avenue and Keensford Court/Hibbard Drive
  • Highway 2 and Harwood Avenue
  • Highway 2 and Harwood Centre
  • Highway 2 and Westney Road
  • Rossland Road and Church Street
  • Salem Road and Lord Drive
  • Salem Road and Mandrake Street/Chambers Drive
  • Westney Road and Bayly Street
  • Westney Road and Delaney/Magill Drive
  • Westney Road and Harwood Avenue
  • Westney Road and Monarch Avenue/Rands Road

For more information on accessible pedestrian signals in Durham Region, including how to use APS, or how to request installation, please visit the Region of Durham's Accessible Pedestrain Crossing web page.