By-law receives in excess of 4000 By-law complaints a year. For this reason alone we do not accept anonymous complaints. All complaints, including emails, must contain the complainant's name, address and phone number prior to a complaint being generated.

Complaints can be filed with the Town by phone at 905-619-2529 ext. 3370, by fax at 905-683-1061, report an issue online, or by email at .

Forms & Applications

Parking Tickets and Permits

Occasional Use Permit Parking

The Town of Ajax is pleased to announce that as of January 9, 2019, our new one year trial period of the “Occasional Use On-Street Parking Permit System” will begin.

How it Works

This will allow all visitors and residents of the Town to apply for, and receive, a parking exemption for the prohibitions of parking longer than 3 hours and parking between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. 

  • 12 permits a year, per license plate.
  • Permits are valid for 24 hours.
  • Permits are free and available 24/7 online.
  • Multiple day and plate permits can be issued at once for user convenience until maximum is reached.
  • Permits are issued electronically and are automatically attached to the license plate - no print and display required.
  • Permits will not be valid or issued during active snow events, which would include the day(s) before, during, or after a major event, when plowing or salting are taking place. 


  • Permits will not be valid if attached to commercial vehicle greater than 7m in length or to a tow truck.
  • All vehicles must have a valid licence plates belonging to the vehicle it is attached to.
  • It is the owner of the vehicles responsibility to park legally as all other provisions of the By-law will apply. (10m from an intersection, 3m from a fire hydrant, 1m from a driveways, etc. will still be in force)
  • Permits will be revoked during an active snow event.
  • Permits will not be issued during an active snow event.
  • By-law parking investigate parking complaints based on the time of day, type of complaint, location, etc. Parking enforcement is not staffed or designed to respond immediately to parking complaints.


The Town's Parking Brochure lists the most common types of parking prohibitions, and the Town's procedures and practices with regard to parking enforcement.

Pay or Dispute a Parking Ticket

Payments can also be made online through our Online Payment Service using your VISA, MasterCard, or American Express. A convenience fee of $2.00 will apply to all payments. 

Please be advised that the Town of Ajax is currently in the process of swtiching over our Parking Management System to a new supplier. As such, you will have to choose your appropriate online payment system based on the date of your infraction:

For Parking Tickets with Infractions issued on or BEFORE 11:59am on January 9, 2019 please visit


For Parking Tickets with Infractions issued on or AFTER 12:00pm on January 9, 2019 please visit


Payments & Trial Requests for Parking Infraction Notices can be done in person at 65 Harwood Avenue South using cash, debit or cheque.

You can also mail in your cheque to 65 Harwood Avenue, South, Ajax, ON., L1S 2H9 or drop it off in our overnight drop box. Be sure to include your Infraction Number on your memo section of the Cheque. Please note that the Town does not accept postdated cheques.