For more information about the budget process and common terms please refer to Understanding the Budget Process. The document includes common budget and forecast terms, how the Town plans for its financial future, FAQ's, important plans and studies, how taxes are calculated and the budgeting and forecasting process of the Capital Budget, Operating Budget and General Levy Forecast content below. 

Capital Budget

The capital budget includes major infrastructure projects such as roads, vehicles/equipment, parks, sidewalks, trails, streetlights, playgrounds and buildings. It includes both the development of new, and the maintenance/rehabilitation of existing infrastructure.



Operating Budget

The operating budget covers day-to-day spending on services such as roads maintenance, community centres, parks and sportsfields maintenance, fire emergency services and community development. Approximately 70% of the funds for the operating budget come from property taxes. The balance comes from a variety of sources such as from user and permit fees and licences.