Ajax is a designated Bicycle Friendly Community, home to a safe and connected 140km cycling network that encompasses off-road trails, dedicated bike lanes and shared use lanes. Throughout Town, a network of Ontario by Bike Businesses provide cyclists with the amenities they need. From the 7km Waterfront Trail that hugs the shores of Lake Ontario, to Ajax’s portion of The Great Trail that travels along Duffins Creek, there are so many routes to discover.

Rent a bike or bring your own, and spend the day exploring Ajax’s winding trails and scenic backdrops.

 Cycling Infrastructure

The Town of Ajax is committed to providing a multi-modal transportation system that is useful and safe for all residents. The Town offers a variety of cycling infrastructure and initiatives to encourage the use of cycling for all kinds of trips.

Multi-Use Trails

Multi-use trails are typically developed within parks, open spaces and green corridors throughout Ajax. They are independent of the road right-of-ways, and can be used for either transportation or recreational cycling.

Boulevard Multi-Use Trails

Boulevard multi-use trails are constructed within the road right-of-way in the boulevard along arterial roads.

On-Road Bike Lanes

On-Road bike lanes provide a designated portion of the roadway for cyclists-use only.

Shared Roadways (Sharrows)

Sharrows are a marking which reinforces that cyclists and motorists have equal right to use the road. Under the Highway Traffic Act, bicycles are considered a vehicle. Cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as all other road users.

Cyclists and Sharrows

Sharrows are used to suggest where cyclists should ride in the traffic lane.

  • For safety reasons, cyclists should ride one metre from the curb to avoid debris and sewer grates.
  • In lanes that are too narrow for cyclists and motorists to travel side-by-side, cyclists should ride in the center of the lane to discourage motorists form passing too closely.

Drivers and Sharrows

Sharrow markings are used to remind drivers to share the road with cyclists. Sharing the roads means you should:

  • Only pass a cyclist where there is enough room to do so safely (at least one meter between motorist and cyclist).
  • Reduce your speed when passing a cyclist.
  • Watch for cyclists when making lane changes and turns.
  • Be aware that cyclists are vulnerable to different hazards than drivers (e.g. minor pot holes and debris), so give them space to manoeuvre. Where there are no sharrows or bike lanes, motorists should always share the road.

Parking and Sharrows

Unless otherwise posted, parking is permitted on streets with sharrows

Cycling Maps
Plan your cycling route with these helpful resources: 
 Cycling Events

Ajax is home to a number of cycling events that cater to a wide variety of skill and ability. Mark your calendars with great annual events such as TrailFest, Bike Month, Bike to Work Day, Bike to School Week, The Falcon Fondo and The 11 Inc. Gran Fondo.

See the Town of Ajax Events Calendar for more information about these and other exciting cycling events.

 Cycling Rental & Repair

Looking to rent or repair your bike? These Ajax businesses can help.

Information coming soon.

Ontario by Bike Businesses 

A growing number of Ajax businesses are part of the Ontario by Bike Network, providing cyclists with amenities such as secure bike storage, healthy food options and local cycling route information. Look for the Ontario by Bike logo in the windows of participating businesses.

Information coming soon.

 Bicycle Safety
It is the responsibility of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians - ALL ROAD USERS - to ensure each other's safety and wellbeing. Before you head out on a bike, learn the rules of the road, helmet information and safety tips for cyclists of all ages by reviewing Bicycle Safety Information from the Ministry of Transportation.