2022 Municipal and School Board Elections

The most recent Municipal and School Board Elections were held on Monday, October 24, 2022. Ajax Council authorized and voting was conducted using internet and telephone voting. The voting period opened at 10:00 am on October 17, 2022 and ended at 8:00 pm on October 24, 2022.

Voter Registration

It's quick and easy to check your voter information online. If you have moved, changed your name or turned 18 since the 2022 Municipal and School Board Elections, you might not be on the Voters List. 

Voter Registration is an online tool that allows eligible Ontario electors to confirm, update, add or remove their voter information for Ontario provincial and local elections, including elections for municipal Council Members and School Board Trustees. 

2022 Official Results 

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Shaun Collier – 11,691

Arthur Augustine – 3,481

Colin Hubble – 1,852

Garry Reader – 1,735

Abstain – 330 

Regional Councillor, Ward 1

Marilyn Crawford – 5,108

Intab Ali – 1,222

Abstain – 172 

Local Councillor, Ward 1

Rob Tyler-Morin – 4,475

Andras Adaikkalam – 962

Arshad Awan – 861

Abstain – 204 

Regional Councillor, Ward 2

Sterling Lee – 3,066

Vic Jagmohan – 1,156

Adam Bashir - 995

Abstain - 265

Local Councillor, Ward 2

Nancy Henry – 1,667

Ashmeed Khan – 1,634

Selladurai Jeyakumaran – 986

Azhar Khan – 838

Ramon Estaris – 215

Abstain – 142 

Regional Councillor, Ward 3

Joanne Dies – 5,095

Daniel Corrigan – 1,811

Abstain – 199 

Local Councillor, Ward 3

Lisa Bower – 6,117

Liliane Nyongab Kisoro – 824

Abstain - 164

Regional Chair, Region of Durham - AJAX results only

John Henry – 10,181

Laurie Blaind Mackie – 3,644

Peter Neal – 1,892

Kurdil-Telt Patch – 1,762

Abstain - 1,690

Durham District School Board Trustee

Donna Edwards – 6,451

Kelly Miller – 3,644

Waqqas Syed – 2,964

Avril Rowe – 2,897

Capucine Sheehan – 1,862

John Ingold – 1,832

Dameon Halstead – 1,502

James Evangelista – 1,221

Nito Morcos-Brown – 1,149

Abstain – 1,267

Durham Catholic District School Board Trustee

Monique Forster – 1,844

Marisa Hall – 1174

Auguste Deonarine – 849

Joe Careen – 473

Alban Mendonca – 431

Richard Karikari – 395

Abstain – 218 

Trustee, Conseil scolaire Viamonde - AJAX results only

Serge Paul – 28

Kristine Dandavino – 20

Abstain – 5 

Trustee, Conseil scolaire Catholique MonAvenir

Marcellin Kwilu Mondo – Acclaimed 

Candidate Financial Statements

Candidates who filed a nomination for the 2022 Municipal Election are required to file a Financial Statement (Form 4) no later than Friday March 31, 2022 at 2 p.m. Financial statements are public documents and are legally required to be made publicly available. A candidate must submit a separate financial statement for each office in which they were nominated, even if they later withdrew.

Submitted Candidate Financial Statements for 2022

Selladurai Jeyakumaran

Marilyn Crawford

John Ingold

Alban Mendonca

Colin Hubble

Donna Edwards

Liliane Niyongabo Kisoro

Lisa Bower

Daniel Corrigan

Kelly Miller

Andras Adaikkalam

Monique Forster

Waqqas Syed

Joanne Dies

Sterling Lee

Rob Tyler-Morin

Shaun Collier

Nancy Henry

Auguste Deonarine

Azhar Khan

Capucine Sheehan

Joe Careen

Marisa Hall

Nito Morcos-Brown

Arthur Augustine

Arshad Awan

Adam Bashir

Garry Reader

Intab Ali

Ashmeed Khan

Avril Rowe

Dameon Halstead


Candidates in Default

In accordance with Section 88.23 of the Municipal Elections Act, the following candidates are declared in default of the requirements of the Municipal Elections Act.  The individual's name, office for which they were nominated and reason for being declared in default are noted below.

  • Vic Jagmohan (Regional Councillor, Ward Two) - Failed to File Financial Statement (Section 88.25)
  • Ramon Estaris (Local Councillor, Ward Two) - Failed to File Financial Statement (Section 88.25)
  • James Evangelista (Trustee, Durham District School Board) - Failed to File Financial Statement (Section 88.25)

Compliance Audit Committee

The Compliance Audit Committee (CAC) reviews and considers compliance audit applications submitted by an elector who believes that a candidate or registered third party advertiser has contravened a provision of the Municipal Elections Act (MEA) relating to election campaign finances. The CAC is also responsible for reviewing reports submitted by the Town Clerk with respect to any contributor who appears to have contravened any of the contribution limits to a candidates’ election campaign or to a registered third-party advertiser. The Committee has the authority to:

  • Grant or reject a compliance audit application;
  • Appoint an auditor to conduct the audit where the application is granted;
  • Consider the auditor’s or Clerk’s report within 30 days of receiving it; and
  • Decide whether to commence legal proceedings against the candidate, a contributor or registered third party for any apparent contravention.
 How to File a Compliance Audit Request

Compliance Audit Requests must be submitted in writing to the Town Clerk and state clearly the reason why the elector believes that a candidate or third-party advertiser has contravened a provision of the Municipal Elections Act related to election campaign finances. Please include your complete contact information (name, address, phone number and/or e-mail) when submitting a Compliance Audit Request in writing. Written requests may be submitted to Legislative Services at Town Hall, 65 Harwood Avenue South, Ajax, or mailed to:

Town of Ajax

Legislative Services / Town Clerk

65 Harwood Avenue South

Ajax, ON   L1S 2H9

 When Compliance Audit Requests May be Submitted

Compliance Audit Requests are accepted for a period of 90 days after the latest of the following dates:

  1. The filing date under section 88.30.
  2. The date the candidate filed a financial statement, if the statement was filed within 30 days after the applicable filing date under section 88.30.
  3. The candidate’s supplementary filing date, if any, under section 88.30.
  4. The date on which the candidate’s extension, if any, under subsection 88.23 (6) expires.

Compliance Audit Committee Decisions

Notice of Decision - CAC-2023-01 - A. Augustine

Notice of Decision - CAC-2023-02 - N. Henry