Prepare for a Nuclear Emergency so you know what to do!

In the event of a nuclear emergency, directions will be passed down from the Province of Ontario, followed by the Region of Durham through to the Town of Ajax. Learn more at

If you live, work, play, or go to school within 10 kilometres of the nuclear station Pickering, there are some things you should know about for your safety. Review the Region's Nuclear Awareness Fact Sheet for an overview.

Public Alerting includes sirens within 3 kilometres of the nuclear station, and an automated telephone dialling system to all homes within 10 kilometres of the nuclear station. Visit the Region of Durham website for more information on the public alerting system, including scheduled siren testing.

During an emergency, you may receive directions that include:

Shelter in place

If asked to shelter in place, you should go inside, close all windows and doors, and turn off your heating and air conditioning systems. Listen to the radio, watch the television, and look for information updates on official websites and social media channels. Be ready to leave in case you are told to.

Take KI pills

KI (potassium iodide) can help reduce how much radioactive iodide enters your thyroid. KI pills are delivered to households and businesses within the 10-kilometre area around the nuclear stations and are available to anyone who lives within 50 kilometres of the stations. KI pills are also pre-distributed to defined vulnerable populations and first responders.


For your safety, you may be asked to evacuate. If you have to evacuate, follow the instructions of emergency personnel. Information will also be on the local radio, television stations, and official websites and social media. Evacuating might mean you have to stay at an out-of-area relative's house, a hotel, or evacuation centre. Remember to bring your emergency kit(s) with you.

For more information, visit the Region of Durham's Nuclear Preparedness webpage.