Insurance Claims

You may submit a claim to the Town of Ajax for compensation if you believe the Town is responsible for your property damage or injury.  Any compensation paid to you is conditional upon legal liability on the part of the Town of Ajax.

Follow the process outlined below for the Town to consider your claim. 


If you choose to make a claim against the Town of Ajax for pothole damages please note that the Town will not be responsible for your vehicle damage if it has met the Provincial “Minimum Maintenance Standards for Municipal Highways (MMS). Ontario Regulation 366/18 made under the Municipal Act, 2001.  The MMS sets the standards for road maintenance including inspections, pothole repair, clearing snow and salting which vary, depending on the speed limit and traffic volume on a particular roadway.

If your vehicle has been damaged due to a pothole:

  • Do not continue to drive your vehicle if it is not operating properly.

  • Take your vehicle to a licensed motor vehicle mechanic.

  • Contact your insurance company for help.

  • Contact the Town of Ajax through Contact Us to report the pothole.  Please provide the exact location so we can repair it as soon as possible. 

If you think the Town of Ajax is responsible for your vehicle damage, you may submit a claim by following the process outlined under How to Submit a Claim to the Town.

 Fallen Trees and Branches

In the case of fallen trees and branches it is best to contact your insurance company for assistance.

The fact that a Town tree caused damage to your property does not warrant automatic compensation from the Town.  An investigation will be completed and will review the history of the tree to consider all factors.  If the tree or branch fell as a result of a storm event, the Town will not be responsible for your property damage. 

If you think the Town of Ajax is responsible for your property damage, you may submit a claim by following the process outlined under How to Submit a Claim to the Town.

 Claims Involving Contracted Companies

The Town of Ajax frequently enters into contracts with independent companies (contractors) who perform work on the Town’s behalf.  The Town’s agreements with contractors contain a strict requirement that the contractor respond directly to claims for any damage or injury to members of the public that they may be held responsible for.

If you think a contractor working on behalf of the Town of Ajax is responsible for your injury or property damage, you may submit a claim by following the process outlined under How to Submit a Claim to the Town. Once the Town confirms that a contractor had control over the location at the time of your loss, your claim will be forwarded to the contractor.  The contractor will be expected to acknowledge receipt of your claim and identify a contact person who will be responsible for investigating your claim. 

The contractor will conduct an investigation and make a decision regarding your claim.  If the contractor determines that they were responsible for your loss, they will resolve your claim with you directly. 

If the contractor determines their work met reasonable and appropriate construction standards, they may deny your claim.  In this case, their communication to you will provide the results of their investigation and clearly explain their decision.  Should you disagree with the contractor’s decision and wish to pursue your claim further, you have the option to proceed with legal action.

 How to Submit a Claim to the Town

Prepare and submit your claim in writing to the Town of Ajax by email, mail, or in person to:

Town of Ajax
Insurance Claims
Finance Department
65 Harwood Avenue South
Ajax, ON L1S 2H9

Be sure to include the following information:

  • Your name, address, phone number and email address;

  • The date and time of the incident and an exact location (please include a municipal address if possible);

  • A detailed description of what happened;

  • Describe the type of damage or injury sustained;

  • Include documentation to support your claim such as photos, receipts and/or estimates

  • Outline why you believe the Town (or contractor working on behalf of the Town) is responsible for the incident
Upon receipt of your claim, the Town’s Insurance and Risk Management Coordinator will acknowledge your claim.  Your claim will be sent to the Town’s insurer, the Durham Municipal Insurance Pool (DMIP) who will investigate your claim.  A Claims Examiner from DMIP will contact you regarding your claim.