Municipal Lottery Licences are issued by the Town of Ajax to organizations that are either Non-Profit or are a Charity as defined by Canada Revenue Agency.  If you have questions as to whether you are a "Charity" or a "Non-Profit Organization" please visit Canada Revenue Agency for clarification.

Lottery Licences in the Province of Ontario are governed by the Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario. Please visit their website for more information that you may not find on our website.

Lottery Requirements

All first time Lottery Licence applicants are required to provide the following documents: 

  • Must prove to the Town that your organization has been in existence and fully operational for at least one year;
  • A copy of its Letters Patent;
  • A copy of its Constitution and Bylaws; (Must include a general dissolution clause that addresses the distribution of the organization's assets and property acquired from Licensed Lottery Events)
  • A copy of its budget for the current year;
  • A copy of its financial statements for the preceding year;
  • A list of its Board of Directors;
  • Its latest report to the Public Guardian and Trustee;
  • Its charitable number for income tax purposes;
  • A copy of its Notification of Charitable Registration letter from the Canada Revenue Agency with any supporting documentation, indicating the applicant's status and terms of registration;
  • A detailed description of its activities;
  • A copy of its annual report;
  • Detailed outline of the proposed use of lottery proceeds (be specific); and
  • Documentation proving the set up of a lottery trust account, as well as the two signing officers of the charity who have cheque writing privileges. All expenses and charitable donations must be paid by cheque and shall be directly related to the conduct of the lottery event.

Please Note: If any of the above items are not provided, the application will not be processed. Time of processing an application varies depending on the type of licence being applied for and whether the organization has previously acquired a lottery licence from the Town of Ajax.

Complete Bazaar Packages

A Bazaar is defined as “a sale of goods held to raise money for a charity.”

There are four types of lottery events that are permitted at bazaars, in any combination:

  1. Wheels of Fortune
  2. Bingo
  3. Penny Auction (Penny Sale) Raffles
  4. Raffles - A raffle lottery may be conducted under a bazaar licence. Cash transactions only for ticket sales are permitted and tickets must be consecutively numbered (you can use roll tickets).

NOTE: Where tickets are sold at a single premise and are drawn on the same day, licensees are exempt from general raffle policies that require printing complete raffle information on the ticket and retaining unsold tickets for one year.

Complete Bingo Packages

Bingo is a game of chance where players are awarded a prize or prizes for being the first to complete a specified arrangement of numbers on bingo paper, based on numbers selected at random.

Complete Break Open Ticket Packages

Break Open Tickets (BOT), commonly known as 'Nevada Tickets' or 'Pull Tabs', are lottery tickets with perforated cover window tabs that contain symbols which are revealed by tearing open the cover tab, revealing your win.

Complete Raffle Packages

A raffle lottery is a scheme where tickets are sold for a chance to win a prize at a draw.

Lottery - Blanket Raffles

A blanket raffle is a scheme where eligible organizations obtain one lottery licence to conduct and manage more than one type of raffle event within a fixed time period.