“The 2019 Capital and Operating budgets are set up to move Ajax forward. We’ve had to reset, refocus and reprioritize to maintain services, support growth, and ensure community advancement. Like many municipalities, the Town has tried to balance service needs and expectations with current resources. However, this desire to reduce spending has come at a cost. For example, we have not increased staffing sufficiently to manage growing service needs in many years. As a result, we have not been in a position to increase or expand services, and more importantly, we are missing a great number of opportunities to improve and excel.

We need a strong foundation and base to champion service improvement, investment, innovation and economic development. This takes additional resources and investment such as specialized staff, updated strategies and upgraded technology. It also takes political will to say we cannot continue to do more with less. These budgets move us forward in all areas and sets a new course of being a leader in best practices, continuous improvement, excellence and good governance.” ~ Mayor Shaun Collier

2019 Capital Budget

On February 25, 2019, Ajax Council approved the Town’s 2019 Capital Budget and 2020-2023 Long Range Capital Budget. 

The total 2019 Capital Budget is $34.5 million. The majority of the budget ($31.5M) is dedicated to four key areas: Road Network, Town Buildings, Parks and Open Spaces, and Vehicles and Equipment.

2019 Capital Budget

The remaining portion of the budget ($3M) is utilized for: Parking Lots, Bridges and Culverts, Storm Water Network, Technology, and Studies and Other Initiatives. 

5 Capital Project Categories

Moving Forward Capital Highlights

  • $1.7M on five timely and essential strategic plans to support services and growth: IT Strategy, Asset Management Plan, Economic & Development Plan, Recreation Master Plan, and Fire Master Plan
  • $13M on Town facilities, including Audley Recreation Centre Phase 2, the Cricket Clubhouse and Field, and Paradise Park Washroom and Park
  • $13.3M on transportation projects, including six traffic calming initiatives, new LED street lighting, and road resurfacing on Rossland Road and Church Street
  • $15.5M to Town Reserves to support capital program and infrastructure
2019 Operating Budget
On March 25, Ajax Council amended and approved the 2019 Operating Budget at General Government Committee meeting. The proposed budget is approximately $67 million, an increase of $3.7 million from 2018.

Your property tax bill includes taxes levied by the Town, Region and Province. The Town’s portion is 30 percent.

Impact on Average Residential Taxpayer (estimate)

The approved tax rate for the Region is 1.89 percent and the Province (Education) is assumed to be zero. Combined with the Town’s 4.93 percent and based on the 2019 average Ajax residential assessment of $455,400, the impact is expected to be:

  • An overall 2.53 percent property tax rate increase, or
  • $10.28 per month (estimate)

The Town’s portion of the $10.28 is $6.05.

Allocation of Town's monthly tax increase

2019 Annual Ajax Property Tax by Service

Based on Average Residential Assessment of $455,400

2019 Annual Ajax Property Tax by Service

Moving Forward Operating Highlights

  • 6.5 full-time and three part-time positions, including Operations and Recreation staff, to maintain current services and programs
  • $900,000 to support the opening of Audley Recreation Centre Phase 2 which includes a number of new amenities such as a Library, Active Living Area, Dog Leash Areas, Community Space and Landscape Elements
  • $718,300 for service improvements, including 8 full-time and 12 part-time positions (originally deferred due to budget constraints) to address immediate staffing needs in the areas of engagement, maintenance of assets and the beautification of the Town, customer service and growth
  • $300,000 to support the Lakeridge Health Ajax Pickering Hospital, Durham Community Foundation charities and IMPACT Ajax initiatives
  • $50,000 to increase sidewalk clearing response time
  • Updated sport field booking process, resulting in savings for user groups
  • $19,800 will be spent on network connections, including Public Wi-Fi access at ARC Phase 2, Pat Bayly Square and Quaker Meeting house
  • $34,500 to support various priority initiatives:
    • $14,500 to purchase new special event displays and equipment  
    • $7,500 to update and print new Ajax Street Map
    • $4,500 to continue the Get Ajax Moving Campaign to encourage walking, cycling, carpooling, and taking transit
    • $4,500 for new furniture and tablets for youth programming
    • $3,500 to support an United Nations Truth and Reconciliation Youth Event

For more information about the 2019 budget, visit Capital and Operating Budgets.