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Road and Traffic Safety

We all have to do our part to keep the streets of Ajax safe. It is the responsibility of all road users, drivers, cyclists and pedestrians to ensure other's safety. For information and tips on road safety for all users please visit Road and Traffic Safety.


For information on paying or disputing a parking ticket, filing a complaint or general parking information, please visit By-Law Services.

On Street Parking Changes

As parking is a contentious issue in most neighbourhoods, the Town requests that a letter be mailed to the Transportation Division detailing the problem.

For a large study area, it is recommended that the resident also conduct a petition and submit it to Transportation Services. Once a request has been received, Town staff will review the area and determine if parking restrictions are required in order to address a "technical problem." If a technical problem is found, a survey may be distributed to all affected resident of any requested parking changes in order to solicit an unbiased representation to the need/want for parking changes.

All requests should be directed in writing to Transportation Services at the Town of Ajax, 65 Harwood Ave. S., Ajax, Ontario L1S 2H9.

Please see Traffic Signals, Signs and Pavement Markings for more information.


Transportation Services aims to provide an efficient and safe transportation network throughout the Town. The focus of Transportation Services includes Traffic Management and Traffic Safety.

To learn more about Transportation Services, please visit Engineering and Transportation Services