The Town of Ajax maintains all road signs and pavement markings on Municipal roads. All road signs that are missing or damaged are to be replaced and repaired. Please report any signage and pavement marking issues to the Engineering Transportation section at, by phone at 905-619-2529 or on the AppJAX mobile phone app available for iOS and Android.

Traffic Control Signals

Traffic Control Signals are signalling devices located at road intersections and pedestrian crossing to designate right-of-way of conflicting movements. The Region of Durham and Ministry of Transportation operate and maintain all traffic control signals in the Town of Ajax. The Works Department at the Region operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure a safe road network throughout the region. If residents notice a problem with a traffic control signal, please report this trouble through the Region.

Depending on locations, intersections may use multiple signal timing plans based on the time of day and to reflect the changing traffic conditions. If you would like to request a signal timing plans, please contact the Works Department in the Region of Durham at

All-way Stops

For more information about all-way stop signs, appropriate uses and implementation please refer to the Town's traffic calming page.

Pavement Markings

For more information about the pavements, markings and cycling infrastructure in the Town please refer to the Town's cycling page.