Town of Ajax Housing Strategy

Notice of Public Consultation June 22, 2022

The Town of Ajax is developing a Housing Strategy to help ensure there is an appropriate range and mix of housing types and tenures to meet the demographic and economic needs of current and future Ajax residents. The development of a Housing Strategy is identified as a priority item in the Council approved Town of Ajax Strategic Plan.

The Housing Strategy will be conducted in two phases.

Phase One Report: Background Data and Housing Needs Analysis

This phase involves development of the Ajax Housing Strategy – Phase One Report: Background Data and Housing Needs Analysis which:

  • Provides an overview of population and household statistics for the Town as a whole and for the Housing Strategy Neighbourhoods, including comparisons to the Region and other Durham area municipalities
  • Provides a snapshot of the current housing supply
  • Examines housing affordability in the regional and local context
  • Identifies housing gaps and needs
  • Reviews the federal, provincial, regional, and local housing policy framework
  • presents discussion questions to generate conversation and feedback from the public and stakeholders

Housing Strategy Neighbourhoods

The Phase One Report divides the Town into nine Housing Strategy Neighbourhoods for a better understanding of the demographics and housing needs in specific areas of the Town.

Phase Two Housing Strategy Recommendation Report

Phase Two of the study will provide recommendations and associated actions, strategies, tools or policies to address the housing gaps and needs identified in the Phase One Background Report to help improve the range of housing options for Ajax residents.

Housing Resources:

For further information please contact:

Joyce Chen - Planner, Planning & Development Services
Town of Ajax
905-619-2529 ext. 3207

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