With the unprecedented number of wildfires burning out of control across the nation, the exceptionally dry weather conditions, and the current air quality conditions many of the Regional fire departments have authorized a burn ban effective immediately. 

Ajax Fire and Emergency Services (AFES) would like to remind residents and visitors of the Open Air Burning By-law, which prohibits open air burning within the Town. This restriction applies to any outdoor wood burning appliances (including chimineas and outdoor fireplaces) as well as campfires and bonfires.

Quick Facts 

  • The by-law to regulate the setting of open-air fires can be found at ajax.ca/Fire by clicking on Fire Prevention, Public Education, & Fireworks.
  • Cooking on an outdoor fireplace or chiminea does not make it legal and is not permitted.


“With these unprecedented environmental conditions everyone is facing, we ask everyone to do their part to ensure unnecessary risk is avoided. Open air burning is not permitted in the Town of Ajax without a permit and most properties do meet the requirements in the by-law. With that being said, a complete burn ban has been authorized for the Town of Ajax for the foreseeable future.”  - Mark Pankhurst, Deputy Fire Chief, Town of Ajax

Quick Tips

Ajax Fire and Emergency Services personnel have the following safety tips for residents’ home fire safety:

  • Ensure you have working smoke alarm on every storey of your home, as well as outside all sleeping areas.
  • Test smoke alarms monthly.
  • Prepare and practice a home escape plan.
  • Home escape plans have two ways out of every room, and a meeting place away from the house like a tree or mailbox.
  • Call 911 from the meeting place and/or safe location outside of the residence after you have left.
  • Never re-enter into a burning residence.

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