The Town of Ajax waterfront is a gem of unspoiled beauty with six kilometres of park land stretching across the Town's southern border along the shores of Lake Ontario. It is accessible to the public, with bridges spanning creeks, natural and maintained areas.

This land, totalling over 150 acres, is used by residents and visitors who come to enjoy the scenic views, engage in recreational activities in the open spaces, and utilize the multi-use trail for walking, jogging, cycling and in-line skating.

The asphalt trail, which is over seven kilometres in length, is part of the Waterfront Trail that runs from Hamilton to Belleville and is also part of the Trans-Canada Trail. It remains one of the most picturesque waterfronts in southern Ontario.

As you explore this unique destination by foot or bike, be sure to visit these key points along the way.

 Rotary Park

Located at the mouth of Duffins Creek, Rotary Park is a major focal point of the Waterfront Trail, with opportunities to play on the beach at the water’s edge and fish along the banks of Lake Ontario. For those who wish to explore the Creek by canoe or kayak, a small boat launch is available.

The parkland includes a junior and senior fully accessible playground and splash pad. It also plays host to the many special Town events and charity walks throughout the year. The park also houses a 3,800 square foot pavilion, which is comprised of washroom facilities, a multi-use room for meetings, and a concession stand.

 Lion's Point

Hovering 20 meters above the rocky shore of Lake Ontario, Lion’s Point offers a spectacular view – the highest elevation along the Ajax Waterfront.

The point was originally named after the Sparks family, who purchased the land in 1818 for just 150 pounds. The family used to hang a lantern atop the point to warn passing ships. The point is a popular viewing area, offering glimpses of Toronto’s distant shore.

 Veteran's Point Garden

Veterans’ Point Garden, located at the foot of Harwood Avenue, commemorates the Town’s history and is dedicated to the HMS Ajax, the Defense Industries Limited Plant, and the employees who made this area their home during WWII.

There is interpretive signage located throughout the park which celebrates the cultural heritage and history of Ajax and WWII. In honour of Ajax’s naval history, architects designed this memorial to resemble a ship; the street lights appear like masts, and the information area was designed with features common to a ship’s bow.

 Paradise Park

Paradise Park is a great place to spend a sunny afternoon. Generations of Ajax residents have utilized this park as a popular recreational node that incorporates beaches, tennis courts and playgrounds, all under the canopy of mature trees.

 Carruthers Marsh
On the eastern side of the Ajax Waterfront, you will find Carruthers Marsh, which features scenic views, a pavilion equipped with restrooms and concessions, and a park and splash pad for the whole family to enjoy.