Throughout Durham Region and the GTA, there has been an increased number of reported rodent populations, including certain mice and rats.

It is suggested this increase may be caused by recent warm winters, rainy weather flooding rodent habitats, an increased availability of food among other factors.

While rodents can cause damage to property and can carry diseases, there are a number of ways residents can prevent and control these pests. 

Prevention Tips:

  • Rodent-proof your home by blocking or covering gaps, cracks, vents and soffits.
  • Remove nesting sites in unused clutter around your house and garage.
  • Cut tall grass and weeds from the back of your house.
  • Secure garbage in containers with tight-fitting lids.
  • Raise woodpiles about 30 centimetres (1 foot) off the ground and away from your house.
  • Never place fatty or oily food waste, eggs or milk products in the composter.
  • Use a layer of heavy metal mesh between the soil and the bottom of the composter.
  • Eliminate water sources such as leaky pipes and open drains.
  • Keep your kitchen clean and store dry food and pet food in metal or glass containers.

Control Options:

  • Snap traps, electronic traps or live traps can help control mice or rats.
  • Ultrasonic devices which use sound waves or vibrations to deter mice and rats can be used in combination with other pest control options.
  • Other products including pesticides and repellents may be used, but residents must read and follow all labels to ensure the product is used safely.

For full list of control options and other important rodent information, please download the attached brochure or visit one of the helpful links below.

Helpful Links:

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