This weekend, there was a second shooting on Gamble Drive (Salem & Taunton Roads). It angers me. Gun violence is a senseless and cowardly act that threatens neighbourhoods and our sense of community.

As a result, residents are fearful for their families, property and overall safety. I want to be clear that violence is unequivocally unwelcome in Ajax.

Ajax Council has been in contact with the Durham Region Police Service (DRPS), and here’s what we know:

This is similar to the shooting that occurred - at the same residence - on January 7.

DRPS does not believe that the shootings are linked to the tow truck arson on the same street (January 8), but the investigation is ongoing.

To the residents who live on Gamble: you should not have to fear for your safety. No one in Ajax should. DRPS is taking the matter seriously. They have committed to increasing their presence in the Gamble area, and are investigating all leads. Ajax Council has expressed our concerns and need for more action on violence and crime to DRPS.

We ask that anyone with any information about these incidents contact the DRPS.