With the provincial election only 10 weeks away, I’m calling on Ajax candidates for MPP to publicly support and advocate for the inclusion of the upper reaches of the Carruthers Creek Watershed (the headwaters) in the Greenbelt. The former MPP for the area supported its inclusion. The matter is of great concern to Ajax voters due to the potential downstream impacts that development in the area (north-east Pickering) would have on Ajax residents. We are also in a climate crisis. Urbanizing agricultural land is costly on the taxpayer, leads to a loss of local food, increases flooding and impacts the natural environment. Designating the headwaters as Greenbelt would ensure this ecologically sensitive area is protected permanently. Our focus should be on creating more options to live and work in current community areas.

Letters have been sent to Amber Bowen, Ontario Liberal Party Candidate, Patrice Barnes, Ontario Conservative Party Candidate and Frank Lopez, The None of the Above Party Candidate formally requesting their support.