As the summer continues to sizzle with scorching hot days, Ajax Fire and Emergency Services would like to remind residents of safety tips to prevent burn injuries:

  • Outdoor cooking appliances such as barbeques, smokers and burners can be dangerous. It is imperative to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines while using these devices
  • Proper utensils with long handles should be used when cooking outside
  • Children must keep a 1m safe zone away from all outdoor cooking units
  • Other household items can also become dangerous during the heat of summer. Objects left in the sun such as a garden hose filled with water and metal play equipment, can become very hot and cause scalds or contact burns


“The hot weather can cause an increased risk of burn injuries. Children are susceptible to burns because their skin is more delicate and they might not understand how a “toy” they have played with in the past has suddenly become dangerous. Parents and caregivers must remind children that some everyday items like water in a garden hose or a metal bike can get hot in the sun and cause a burn.”

-        Shelley Langer, Fire prevention Inspector, Town Of Ajax.


  • Before using a garden hose that has been out in the hot sun, spray the heated water away from people and pets until it has cooled
  • Never allow children to play near water unsupervised
  • Use barbeque utensils that have a long handle
  • Keep children and pets a 1 metre safe zone away from barbeques and other cooking devices
  • If you get a minor burn, cool the area by soaking it in cold water (not ice). If the burn is severe, call 9-1-1


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