Be a word wiz and complete the activity by October 8 for a chance to win!

Ajax Council wants you to test your 2018 – 2022 TOA Strategic Plan knowledge by taking part in the Stronger Together Crossword Challenge! Get started now by downloading this creative and fun activity at and following the instructions to solve the clues and record answers.

The interactive crossword challenge features information on the Town's progress on current initiatives and priorities within the Strategic Plan. To help participants, special audio hints are embedded in each clue. There are 18 clues in total. All answers can be found within the three Mid-Term Action Cards which highlight this term’s focus areas, goals, action and status: Leading in our Community, Investing in our Community and Connecting our Community.

Participants can complete the crossword electronically and submit to, online via IMO or complete by hand and drop off at Ajax Town Hall (65 Harwood Ave. S.). All entries submitted by October 8, 2021, are automatically entered for a chance to win one of three Amazon Echo Smart Home Hubs with Alexa.


“The 2018 – 2022 Strategic Plan communicates Ajax Council’s innovative, aggressive and inclusive path for this term. While some adjustments have been made and some actions delayed due to pandemic restrictions, the mid-term report presented to Council in March 2021 shows a commitment to staying the course, to adding real value for our community and being proactive where possible to identify and implement best practices in every service area. I encourage all residents to take part in this fun crossword challenge and to follow along with Ajax Council as we continue to implement the Strategic Plan.”

Mayor Shaun Collier, Town of Ajax

“As we embark on the last year of the term, it’s important we inform residents on our progress within each goal and action of the Strategic Plan. We hope you enjoy this crossword challenge, whether you're discovering these actions for the first time or learning about the progress we've made on them. These past few years have proven that we are stronger together, and we look forward to pursuing an even stronger community as we continue this journey.”

Regional Councillor Sterling Lee, Ward 2

Quick Facts

  • Hard copies of the crossword are available by request, please contact or 905-619-2529, ext. 3383.
  • Prior to the launch of the crossword challenge, the Town’s Strategic Plan Champions were reengaged to provide their feedback and comments.
  • The Town's 2021 Mid-Term Strategic Plan Update is part of the 2018 - 2022 Strategic Plan that was initiated with the new Council term. It reflects modern priorities and a shared desire to 'walk the talk' – taking action that delivers real results in our community. The framework includes a community promise, three focus areas, 21 goals and 148 actions.
  • ​In March 2021, the number of actions were reduced from 148 to 126 to accommodate for the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • ​As of March 2021:
    • ​112 actions or 89% are complete/initiated
    • 39 actions or 31% are complete
    • 73 actions or 58% are initiated
    • Highest performing focus area is 'Leading in our Community' at 95%
    • Six Top 22 by 2022 actions complete; remaining 16 initiated

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