New pool cover is the first of its kind in Canada!

In February 2022, the Town was approached by Elexicon Group Inc. (EGI) regarding a partnership opportunity aimed at reducing the annual carbon dioxide emissions and heating expenses related to indoor swimming pools by installing a motorized pool cover for use during pool closure times.

A variety of the Town’s main priorities are focused on protecting the environment and fostering innovation and modernization. To contribute to those priorities, the Town agreed to work with EGI to “roll out” the installation of the new pool cover at the Ajax Community Centre.

As the Ajax Community Centre did not have an existing pool cover, this new, energy efficient, motorized pool cover will help the Town save costs on energy usage and pool chemicals throughout the year. This innovative technology will also:

  • Stop the evaporation of water and reduce heat loss
  • Reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions and heating expenses during pool closure times
  • Significantly extend the life of expensive dehumidification equipment
  • Help save approximately $20,000 per year on operating costs associated with the pool
  • Improve air quality in and around the pool area

The motorized pool cover installed at the Ajax Community Centre is the first of its kind in Canada, and EGI is committed to rolling out these pool covers across Canada in the coming years.


“I am proud to see that the Town has once again partnered with Elexicon to introduce an innovative concept to one of our facilities that will benefit our community members, staff and the environment. As this installation of the motorized pool cover is the first of its kind in Canada, I am hoping to see this energy efficient technology utilized by other municipalities to continue to promote and act on new ways to protect the environment.” – Mayor Shaun Collier, Town of Ajax

We greatly appreciate the leadership and commitment from the Town of Ajax to embrace change and innovation to reduce costs and improve sustainability at their facilities. We hope that this inspires and encourages other municipalities and facility operators to cover their pools – it’s one the easiest and most cost-effective actions available for reducing costs and CO2 emissions.  If we can cover every public lap pool in Canada – and just take a few extra minutes every morning and evening to use the cover, together we can save millions per year in energy costs while cutting thousands of tonnes of CO2 emissions at the same time. We are really excited to be a part of this important change in the industry.” - Craig Ballard, President and CEO, Elexicon

Quick Facts

  • The installation of this pool cover technology is the first of its kind in Canada.
  • There will be approximately $20,000 in annual savings from the new system.
  • The Motorized Pool Cover is designed to prevent 95% of surface evaporation when the cover is in use.
  • Pools will run more efficiently and be less impactful to the environment due to the reduction in energy needed for dehumidification and natural gas used for heating. 
  • The pool cover will make an immediate impact to air quality in and around the pool deck, with the cover helping to reduce the smell of chlorine around the pool area.
  • Elexicon Group Inc. (EGI) is a non-regulated energy and utility services company offering comprehensive energy and utility management services to the multi-unit residential, commercial, industrial and municipal sectors.
  • EGI is dedicated to helping clients accelerate progress, reduce costs and improve sustainability.

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