On Monday, Ajax Council approved the extension of the fast-tracked Temporary Patio Permit Program for 2022 and 2023. The popular program features no application fee and a fast turnaround to enable restaurants to expand their patios quickly and cost effectively.

In order to apply for a fast-tracked temporary patio permit, restaurants can fill out an easy-to-complete online application form on the Town’s website – ajax.ca/patios - and must submit accompanying diagrams meeting specific guidelines. Accessible parking spots may not be removed to accommodate additional seating.


“The Temporary Patio Permit Program has run successfully during 2020 and 2021 with a total of 32 restaurants receiving permits and extending their patio space to boost capacity and safely distance patrons. By continuing this needed program we are able to support our local businesses who have been hit the hardest during the pandemic. We look forward to working with our businesses on additional recovery initiatives in the future.” - Mayor Shaun Collier

“With the Town allowing us to extend our patio, it helped us stay afloat during Covid. It gave the neighborhood a quaint, cozy environment to enjoy a cold beverage and a meal with a European-style feel. Hopefully, we can carry this patio on for more years to come.” - Craig Ross & Suzanne Ward, The Village Public House

Quick Facts

  • The Town has approved the extension of the fast-tracked patio permit process to support local restaurants as they recover from the impacts of COVID-19 and waive application fees for businesses.
  • Accessible parking spots may not be removed to accommodate additional seating.
  • In order to apply, restaurants must fill out an online application form and submit diagrams that comply with specific guidelines.
  • For restaurants that obtained a Temporary Patio Permit in 2021 and are not proposing changes to their patio area, contact PlanningServices@ajax.ca to apply for a permit extension.

Learn More

  • For more information about what’s required, and to apply for a permit, visit ajax.ca/patios.