Ajax Community Centre pool cover showcases the Town’s continued priority to build a greener future

On January 24, 2024, during the Durham Greener Buildings Program launch event, the Town of Ajax received an award of appreciation for outstanding commitment to sustainability and dedication to building a greener future in Durham Region with the installation of the Ajax Community Centre’s new pool cover. This recognition showcases the Town’s continued efforts to be a leader in environmental sustainability by implementing energy-saving projects to help create a cleaner and greener future for all.

The Ajax Community Centre did not have an existing pool cover, so this was a significant opportunity that reflected the Town’s priorities to protect the environment, while fostering innovation and modernization. The new addition continues to:

  • Stop the evaporation of water and reduce heat loss;
  • Improve air quality in and around the pool area;
  • Significantly extend the life of expensive dehumidification equipment;
  • Reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions and heating expenses during pool closure times;
  • Lower heating expenses during pool closure times resulting in annual savings of approximately $20,000.

Since the installation of the pool cover in January 2023, the annual greenhouse gas emissions savings from this project is approximately 45 tonnes of CO2e, with energy savings equivalent to powering 30 homes for a year!


“Thank you to Recreation & Culture staff for continuing to ensure the ongoing operation of the pool cover and all Town staff who were involved in successfully implementing this project. I am pleased to see that the Town has been recognized for its commitment to building a sustainable future. This is a significant step in the right direction to making lasting impacts on the environment, and I look forward to seeing what is next, as we continue to reaffirm our dedication to a greener and cleaner tomorrow.” – Mayor Shaun Collier, Town of Ajax

“I am very proud of Town staff and our team in the Recreation & Culture department for the successful “roll out” of the new energy efficient pool cover and receiving an appreciation award for the installation. This innovative technology will continue to support sustainability and climate action by lowering heating expenses and reducing annual carbon dioxide emissions for a greener future in Ajax and our surrounding communities.” - Chris Vida, Director of Recreation & Culture, Town of Ajax

Quick Facts

  • In February 2022, the Town was approached by Elexicon Group Inc. (EGI) regarding a partnership opportunity aimed at reducing the annual carbon dioxide emissions and heating expenses related to indoor swimming pools by installing a motorized pool cover for use during pool closure times.
  • Elexicon Group Inc. (EGI) is a non-regulated energy and utility services company offering comprehensive energy and utility management services to the multi-unit residential, commercial, industrial and municipal sectors.
  • EGI is dedicated to helping clients accelerate progress, reduce costs and improve sustainability.
  • The Durham Greener Buildings Program was launched on January 24, 2024, and is an innovative initiative to support sustainability and climate action in the building industry.
  • Durham Greener Buildings is a benchmarking and disclosure program developed by the Region of Durham in partnership with Windfall Ecology Centre.
  • The Durham Greener Buildings Program is part of the Region’s Community Energy Plan and is a key strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and response to Durham Regional Council’s climate emergency declaration.
  • There is approximately $20,000 in annual savings from the new system.
  • The Motorized Pool Cover is designed to prevent 95% of surface evaporation when the cover is in use.
  • Pools run more efficiently and are less impactful to the environment due to the reduction in energy needed for dehumidification and natural gas used for heating. 
  • The pool cover impacts the air quality in and around the pool deck, with the cover helping to reduce the smell of chlorine around the pool area.

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