TOA strengthens Parks By-law enforcement
Officers issuing fines of $125 per infraction, focusing on high-traffic areas

This summer, many high-traffic areas like the Ajax waterfront and Greenwood Conservation Area have received more visitors than average. The high number of patrons in public spaces are the result of restrictions and closures due to COVID-19. 

At the direction of the Town’s Municipal Emergency Control Group (MECG), by-law officers, private security and parks staff have been proactively patrolling and taking an educational approach to infractions in our parks and open spaces. Unfortunately, the number of infractions has continued to increase despite 2,406 warnings being issued since April 1.  

In response, by-law enforcement officers will now be issuing tickets of $125 for Parks By-law infractions, including the most common offences:

  • Possession or consumption of alcohol;
  • Public urination (and other obnoxious conduct);
  • Use of a B.B.Q.;
  • Open air burning (bonfires);
  • Littering.

Parking infractions will continue to be enforced in these high-traffic and popular areas. 

Tickets will be issued starting this weekend, and will be enforced on a zero-tolerance basis.


“We’ve taken a stern but educational approach to enforcement to date. Unfortunately, some are not getting the message. This weekend, we will be ramping up enforcement of our Parks By-law, in order to keep everyone safe. I ask both residents and visitors to do your part to keep Ajax clean and green – and avoid a fine! – by respecting our By-laws, disposing of PPE in waste receptacles and keeping your distance from other users of public spaces.” – Mayor Shaun Collier


  • Community safety is a priority for the Town. These unprecedented times have led to increased traffic in areas like the Ajax waterfront
  • In response to increased infractions, By-law enforcement officers will be handing out fines of $125 starting August 7
  • Common infractions include, but are not limited to: alcohol, open fire, BBQ without a permit, littering and public urination
  • For more information about the Town’s Parks By-law, please visit our website
  • To learn more about the Town’s response to COVID-19, visit



 Media Contact: Rachael Matheson, Corporate Communications, 905-621-2278