News Release
February 11, 2015
Town files appeal of zoning by-law for Durham Live to Ontario Municipal Board
The Town of Ajax has formally filed an appeal of the City of Pickering's zoning by-law for the Durham Live development to the Ontario Municipal Board.
The zoning by-law allows for the creation of a large scale tourist destination (known as Durham Live) on lands that abut the Town. The first phase of the draft Master Plan proposes 2.7 million square feet of tourism uses, including Gaming/Casino Establishments, Convention/Conference Centres and Places of Amusement.
"The Town is filing this appeal because a major development of this size is not appropriate for this location," said Mayor Steve Parish. "The infrastructure required to adequately meet the demands of this development, including a proposed interchange at Highway 401 and Church Street, is not appropriate and would cause major disruption within Ajax."
In addition to the adequacy and appropriateness of the proposed infrastructure, the Town is extremely concerned with the substantive traffic and transportation impacts. These issues have not been adequately studied or examined nor do the proposed changes to the transportation network conform to the Durham Regional Official Plan, the City of Pickering Official Plan or the Town of Ajax Official Plan.
"This is not about a potential Casino establishment in Pickering," said Mayor Parish. "There is a provincial process in place to determine the right location of a Casino in either Ajax or Pickering. This is about good planning. By-laws should conform to official plans, appropriate studies should be completed and all stakeholders should be consulted."
The City of Pickering has been notified of the Town's appeal.
The lands are located north of Bayly Street, east of Squires Beach Road and west of Church Street. Church Street is a boundary road between Pickering and Ajax.
Media Contact: Christie McLardie, Manager of Communications, 905-999-8254