Ajax Anti-Racism Task Force and the Town continue to recognize, celebrate and promote Black History Month

To commemorate Black History Month on the last day of February, TOA residents are invited to join Ajax Council and Town staff for a special flag raising, presented by the Ajax Anti-Racism Task Force, of the Pan-African flag for the first time at Pat Bayly Square on Thursday, February 29 at 11 a.m.  

The Town of Ajax continues to embrace and value the opportunity to celebrate and promote Black History Month, as well as inspire the next generation to continue to listen, learn and better understand the personal experiences of the Black community. 


“Diversity is and continues to be one of Ajax’s greatest strengths and assets. This is the first of many important initiatives that we hope the Ajax Anti-Racism Task Force will bring forward within the Town to build awareness and address matters of anti-racism in the community. Raising the Pan-African flag for the first time in Ajax is another great opportunity and reminder to come together and engage in a place of understanding, learning and inclusivity.” – Mayor Shaun Collier 

“The Anti-Racism Task Force has been tasked with creating a more inclusive and equitable community in Ajax. As February comes to an end, we wanted to bring the community together to commemorate the last day of Black History Month by raising the Pan-African flag and remind everyone that the learning continues as we aim to have every day be a celebration of Black History. It is our goal to create these opportunities for listening and new understandings through impactful conversations such as these.” - Malcolm Barrington, Co-Chair, Ajax Anti-Racism Task Force  

Quick Facts

  • This will be the first time the Pan-African flag is raised in Ajax. 
  • The flag raising is presented by the Ajax Anti-Racism Task Force in partnership with the Town. 
  • The flag raising will take place at Pat Bayly Square on Thursday, February 29 at 11 a.m. 
  • Throughout the month of February, the Town of Ajax has celebrated Black History Month (BHM) with various events in Ajax and throughout the Region. A list of all of the events can be found at ajax.ca/BHM
  • The Ajax Anti-Racism Task Force (AARTF) aims to address systemic racism and hate experienced by various groups in the Town through a hub and spoke model with identified working groups addressing disparities in racialized and underrepresented communities. 
  • The AARTF can focus on anti-racism through multiple lenses, such as anti-Black racism and Indigenous truth and reconciliation building simultaneously in accordance with the work plan. 
  • Contact diversity@ajax.ca for any questions. 

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