Did you know? Each year, Ajax By-law Services issues nearly 330 accessible parking tickets. 

It is important to leave accessible parking spaces open for those who are legally entitled to use them and have an accessible parking permit. A driver or passenger with an accessible parking permit could have a disability or health condition that requires them to park close to the entrance of a building.

Some disabilities are visible (people who use a scooter), while some are invisible (people who may have a heart or lung condition); don’t make assumptions. People may not be able to walk a long distance across a parking lot to get to their doctor’s appointment, or may have to unload a wheelchair or scooter from their van before they can go grocery shopping.

Please respect the space and keep accessible parking spaces open for the people who need to use them.

In the Town of Ajax, if a person is caught using an accessible parking permit not issued to them, or parks in an accessible parking space without a permit, they may be fined $350 - $5,000! There is no good reason to park illegally in an accessible space.

Learn more about accessible parking permit requirements:

By-law officer giving a woman a parking ticket for parking car over a sidewalk.
Did you know that driver's can receive a ticket for parking/stopping over a sidewalk or pedestrian path of travel? Fines range from $45-$60. Parking over a sidewalk creates a physical barrier for people who may be visually impaired, use a mobility device, or who may be pushing a stroller or pulling a wagon.When vehicles are parked, blocking sidewalk access, pedestrians may have to manuever around the vehicle, by moving onto the road to pass, which is very unsafe and inconvenient. When visiting friends and family, or parking at your own residence, remember to do your part and #RespectTheSpace in our community to avoid creating barriers and help to maintain access for all!  

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